Washington DC

Its About Helping Others

For the past 10 years I have dedicated a large portion of my career to helping others. I was always known as the person that would be there for others, checking in, helping to develop their skills to advance or reach their entrepreneurship goals.

As a result of my servant leadership approach (seeing situations from others perspective) within my business model it has allowed me to create and build technology music programs, create youth tech camps, receive awards, travel to Europe and the Continent of Africa and teach at the university level.

I have a hard time talking about myself as most small businesses owners because they are so focused on getting the work done!  But seriously, how often are opportunities missed futures are derailed and guaranteed success becomes failure simply because you have less than normal resources to compete.

There are some many examples of people and small businesses that started off with limited technology resources and have succeed.

Through the encouragement of supportive colleagues and friends,  I decided to take my passion in  advising others, leadership experience and love of technology to create “Scaling Brands”.  How Can We Help You!