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Marketing Team

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#Uncover Online Potential

Building Organizational Blueprint

reviewing marketing applications, websites, social media, images, tag links and industry research trends. Including customer and potential buyer feedback.

#Locate Right Customer

Product and customer’s needs

Using reverse engineering process to align marketing and web content strategy that is specific to customers goals.

#Implement Cosmetics

Aligning product or services

On/offline customers  Auditing current web-based platforms, building the ideal platform for your targeted customers (distribution channels, content, call to action)


Thoroughly testing platform-

testing small and often, reviewing qualitative and  quantitative data and make various adjustments to increase goal output.


Maintain marketing strategy –  

On going effort to uphold quality of content, customer experiences and collection of unique data.

Marketing Support

Your (Marketing Team) support package provides you with a professional in house online marketing team so you can focus on running your business.

Your (Marketing Team) will maintain your digital presence, updating distribution channels social media, website-blog posting and build online relationships.

Building Social Media Trust Messaging

Building Social Media Proficiency Within Organization

Building Authentic Content

SEO/ Website

Building Keyword (research)

Arrange Social Media Advertising

Content Management (recurring blogging)

Building Online Relations

Identifying And Addressing Damaging Content

Building research insight

Usability Testing

Email Marketing

Bi Weekly Follow Up Reports (conference call)

Lets Increase Your Traffic and Income Potential !